Graphic Design

Projects for print and digital media. Advertising, artwork for bands, t-shirt design and more.

GJHOFF Engenharia

(Branding and advertising)

The kind guys at GJHOFF Engenharia, a new Civil Engineering office, asked me to create it's visual identity. They were looking for something modern yet serious.

After a few studies, this is the aproved logo and its application on the business card.

I also designed and developed their website. More info here

I also created a series of magazine advertisement


(Poster art)

SERPENTE is a theatrical presentation by brazilian director Marcelo Masselani.

For the premiere poster I drew inspiration from Laocoön, one of the classic pieces of Spanish Renaissance's master El Greco.

Techiniques includes drawing, digital manipulation and collage.


(T-shirt design)

As the t-shirt designer for Cavernna I develop the collections from scratch.

This is a project that allows me to create freely using all of my inspiration and personal references. However, it takes more than just art to get the t-shirts done.

Much research has been done until I choose the DTG process to apply the original art on the t-shirts. This provides not only a great fidelity to the originals, but also ensures the longevity of the art and an imperceptible touch on the fabric.

For the design, I work with Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator to continue where the initial drawing stops. I like to play with textures and digital manipulation until I finally get to the point and consider it a cool design for a t-shirt.

Urbana Magazine

(Cover Art for a magazine)

URBANA is a magazine published by FACAMP's Journalism college. FACAMP is a University based in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

I was approached by FACAMP's Design coordinator to create the cover for Urbana #2. The main history was about Mass Consumption and its psychlogical issues.

This is one of the rare cases I did all of the job using a 3D modelling environment, Autodesk's 3DS Max 2008.

Sr. Macaco


Sr. Macaco is a brazilian psychodelic rock'n roll band. As the designer in charge of the band's graphic assets, I've designed it's logo and identity, posters, flyers and social media pieces. I'm currently working on the cover and booklet. Expect new material here soon!

Some of the fine tunes for your amusement:

Sr. Macaco's Soundcloud page

Los Peppes

(Logo redesign)

Los Peppes are a classic rock band from São Paulo - Brazil. On stage since 2014, the band is about to start recording it's debut album. This called for a redesign on they communication assets including a new logo, which I gladly accepted to do.

Also, I'm on a preliminary study for the artwork and inner content for the debut album release.



Bernie is a harcore band based in São Paulo - Brazil. For their debut CD, Mundo Imundo, I was commisioned to create an artwork that reflected their musicality and political views.

Techiniques includes digital drawing, texturization and painting, collage and digital manipulation.

3 Pics 4 Dating

(Character Design)

In addition to developing landing pages for 3P4D, I also created some characters for an animated promotional video.

Starting from a digital sketch, the vectors for the characters were animated in Adobe Flash.

3S Projetos


3S Projetos is a cultural factory based in Campinas, Brazil. During my work there as Digital Designer I created several presentations for cultural projects such as theater, music and art exhibitions.